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Cobalt Strike

Red Team threat simulation and operations emulation software

Cobalt Strike is a threat emulation tool ideal for mimicking advanced covert malicious activity that has been embedded in the IT environment for a long time.

Cobalt Strike's post-exploitation agents and collaborative capabilities provide effective threat simulations. Measure incident response with malleable C2, which allows network indicators to mimic various malware to enhance security operations to measure security program, and have incident response capabilities.












Simulating an embedded threat actor:

The Cobalt Strike payload, once exploited, can be silently transmitted over HTTP, HTTPS or DNS and uses asynchronous low-and-slow communication, commonly used by embedded attackers who want to remain undetected. With Malleable C2, Beacon's flexible command-and-control language, users can modify network indicators to blend in with normal traffic, or hide their activities by emulating different types of malware. Beacon can perform various post-exploitation activities, including executing PowerShell scripts, logging keystrokes, capturing screenshots, downloading files and creating other payloads.


Gain an edge with targeted attacks:

Start by gathering information using the Cobalt Strike system profiler, which maps the attack surface on the target's client side, providing a list of applications and plug-ins it discovers through the user's browser, as well as the internal IP address of users behind the proxy server. With this advanced recognition, it is easier to determine the most effective attack path.

It has the ability to design an attack using one of Cobalt Strike's numerous packages. For example, orchestrating a drive-by attack using website clones. Alternatively, you can turn an innocent file into a Trojan horse using Microsoft Office macros or Windows executables.










Customize scripts and frameworks to meet specific needs:


Cobalt Strike is designed with flexibility in mind to meet all needs. Users are encouraged to expand Cobalt Strike's capabilities by making changes to built-in scripts or introducing their own weapons. Additional modifications can be made to the Cobalt Strike client by writing scripts in its custom "Aggressor Script" scripting language.

Changes can also be made to kits downloaded from Cobalt Strike packages. Modifying the Artifact Kit, which is the source code used to generate executables and DLLs, or redefining the script templates found in the Resource Kit that Cobalt Strike uses in its workflows.


Transform engagements into comprehensive reports:

Cobalt Strike can generate multiple reports to provide a complete picture of all activities that took place during an engagement. Report types include:

  • Timeline of activities
  • Summary data per host
  • Indicators of compromise
  • Full summary of activity for all sessions
  • Social engineering
  • Tactics, techniques and procedures

Reports are exported in MS Word or as PDF and can be customized. Custom logos can be added, and title, description and hosts can be configured.


Improve interoperability-critical operations:

Those with both Core Impact and Cobalt Strike can benefit from session forwarding and tunneling between the two tools. This interoperability can further streamline penetration testing activities. For example, users can start their engagement by gaining initial access from Core Impact, and then can continue post-exploit activities with Cobalt Strike by running Beacon.














Why Cobalt Strike:

  • Customer-side recognition
  • Post-operational payload
  • Secret communication
  • Attack packets
  • Browser switching
  • Spear phishing
  • Red team collaboration
  • Reporting and logging






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