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The Kemp Difference
Kemp offers the most capable solutions for load balancing, network performance monitoring, and network detection & response to ensure applications are always-on and network issues are resolved before they become a problem.



Application availability
Kemp LoadMaster enables high performance and secure delivery of application workloads from a wide range of vendors in multiple sectors.


ECS Connection Manager

Enhance your ECS deployment with Layer 7 ECS data traffic management optimized for S3, NFS, Swift and Atmos application protocols along with multi-site resilience and load balancing.


Web Application Firewall

Kemp's Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps to protect your custom or off the shelf applications from common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). It lets you create per application security profiles to enforce source location-level filtering, pre-integrated rulesets for common attack vectors and custom rules support. With these pre-defined rules and the ability to create your own custom rules, you can protect all your applications from within the LoadMaster from known attacks and prevent specific traffic patterns from reaching your applications and APIs – all without changing your application or infrastructure. It can also help meet organizational PCI-DSS and data loss prevention (DLP) compliance requirements. Visibility is provided with granular per-application event logging, in-UI statistic visualization and false positive analysis with rich telemetry to 3rd party SIEMs.

The Kemp Web Application Firewall (WAF) enabled as part of your network infrastructure helps deliver in-depth, defence for your web servers and applications from an ever changing threat landscape. The LoadMaster also provides a comprehensive security stack including DDoS, IDS/IPS, rate-limiting, SSL/TLS encrypting, authentication, and SSO, as well as WAF that simplifies customization and scales on-demand across any environment.


Load Balancing Windows 10 Always On VPN

Windows 10 Always On VPN is the replacement for Microsoft’s DirectAccess remote access solution. Always On VPN works in much the same way as DirectAccess, providing seamless, transparent, and always-on remote access. Under the covers it uses traditional client-based VPN protocols like the Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) and Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol (SSTP).


Eliminating single points of failure in the Always On VPN architecture is crucial to ensuring the highest level of availability for the remote access solution thus the need for a load balancer. VPN servers can be made highly availably using the Kemp LoadMaster load balancer. The LoadMaster can be configured to accept inbound VPN connections and intelligently distribute them to all configured real servers. Traffic can be distributed in round-robin, or optionally based on the number of connections or by a percentage as defined by the administrator.


Always On VPN makes use of user certificates for authentication. The authentication protocol of choice is the Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (Protected EAP, or PEAP), sometimes referred to as EAP-TLS. To leverage EAP, client connection requests are authenticated using a RADIUS server, commonly the Windows Server Network Policy Server (NPS). To provide redundancy for the authentication infrastructure, multiple RADIUS/NPS servers can be deployed and load-balanced by the Kemp LoadMaster to ensure high availability and to enable flexible scalability.


Unlike DirectAccess, Always On VPN does not natively include support for redundancy or failover. To address this shortcoming, the Kemp LoadMaster GEO can be configured to improve availability for VPN servers located in different datacenters. The administrator can configure GEO to route all VPN connection requests to the primary datacenter and send requests to the secondary datacenter in the event the primary site is unavailable.


The Kemp LoadMaster GEO can also be used to provide geographic load balancing for Always On VPN. GEO can be configured to use proximity and location-based scheduling to intelligently route VPN connection requests to the nearest VPN server based on the client’s current location. This ensures that clients will connect to the most optimal VPN server available.


Full-Featured Cloud Load Balancers


Kemp LoadMaster enhances application security, control and visibility
Extend the features and capabilities of a data center-class application delivery controller (ADC) to the cloud. LoadMaster is a cloud-native load balancer, built, designed and optimized for the cloud.





- Hardware LoadMaster Load Balancer

Kemp load balancers provide a complete high-performance application delivery solution with SSL offload, content switching, URL rewriting and compression in a secure and highly-available platform that is easily deployed and managed.


- Cloud-native LoadMaster Load Balancer

Extend the features and capabilities of a data center-class application delivery controller (ADC) to the cloud. LoadMaster is a cloud-native load balancer, built, designed and optimized for the cloud.


- Virtual LoadMaster Load Balancer

An always-on application experience for virtualized environments. Enhance application security, availability, performance and scalability with the software load balancer optimized for virtual environments


-ECS Connection Manager 

ECS Connection Manager raises Application Experience for Dell EMC ECS Applications Enhance your ECS deployment with Layer 7 ECS data traffic management optimized for S3, NFS, Swift and Atmos application protocols along with multi-site resilience and load balancing.


- Multi-tenant Load Balancer 

Multiple load balancer instances on a single appliance. Multi-Tenant LoadMaster runs multiple isolated load balancer instances on a single hardware appliance with total flexibility on resource assignment to optimize capacity usage. Each instance runs independently and is totally isolated to support the creation, testing and optimization of services without impacting other tenant applications.




Simple, Easy-to-Use Products
Award-winning hardware, virtual and cloud-native deployment options, including the industry’s first per-app software load balancer/ADC.


Unmatched Value & Cost Savings
Maximize your budget with the industry’s best price-performance solution, providing 4x the throughput for the money compared to F5 and Citrix.


Most-Flexible Licensing Options
Pricing that maps exactly to your business requirements, with perpetual, subscription, metered, pooled, and service provider licensing options.


World-Class Technical Support
Get direct-access technical support in-region on first contact with highly experienced network engineers with application specific competencies.


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On local martkets Bakotech Group operates through a well-established partner network, including over 1,000 active dealers. Key IT-integrators and are involved in the realization of large-scale projects concerning implementing solutions for end-customers from various segments of business. Bakotech's business strategy is True Value Added Distribution or in other words - project oriented distribution.

We are providing our partners with a wide range of services such as PR, co-marketing activities, pre post-sales support, trainings for partners and end-customers, PoC, PoV, solution consulting, implementation support and technical support.

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