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Energy Logserver

#Bakotalks: An Interview with the Producer. In today's issue of Energy Logserver: modern SIEM and SOAR systems


In the changing IT environment, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) systems are crucial for effective information security management. To learn more about the challenges and innovations related to these technologies, we conducted an interview with a representative of Energy Logserver, a Polish manufacturer of SIEM and SOAR solutions.



Key functions and modules of Energy Logserver

What are the main functions and modules available in the Energy Logserver platform?

When creating the Energy Logserver platform, we focus on its versatility and real adaptation to the needs of modern organizations. We provide a comprehensive tool for information security management that can help organizations efficiently monitor, analyze, and respond to threats in a dynamic IT environment. The system consists of three complementary elements:

  • Log Management Plan: A non-relational database for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data from any source, with precisely granted permissions.
  • SIEM Plan: A module dedicated to comprehensive security analysis, with a rich database of pre-built correlation rules and the ability to create advanced rules and automated responses.
  • Network Probe: A network probe that combines log collection, network traffic analysis, NDR, and netflow data analysis functionalities.

This allows Energy Logserver to comprehensively collect and analyze data and respond to various types of security incidents arising from network traffic and logs.


Main challenges in implementing SIEM and SOAR systems

What are the main challenges faced by companies implementing SIEM and SOAR systems?

Implementing SIEM and SOAR systems like Energy Logserver and Energy SOAR involves several challenges. It is essential to carefully plan all stages of the implementation of these platforms. A pre-implementation analysis is necessary to correctly identify the IT environment and define the key needs of the organization. Equally critical to the project's success is integrating the solutions with various security tools and the client's IT infrastructure, which may require detailed customization to specific requirements. An important element is also training the technical staff to effectively utilize the full potential of our systems in the face of dynamically changing cyber threats. Ensuring that the systems are continuously updated and adapted to the latest trends and threats in the security industry is also crucial. As a manufacturer, our priority is to support clients at every stage of implementation and operation to maximize the effectiveness of their investment in security.



Use of artificial intelligence in Energy Logserver

How does Energy Logserver utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in its platform?

The use of AI in Energy Logserver quickly became a necessity. The amount of data processed during security analysis far exceeds the cognitive capabilities of individual SOC operators. AI allows narrowing the search field and focusing the team's work on issues with anomaly characteristics. The programmed AI algorithms enable real-time assessment and analysis for a specified period. Unique to our solution is that we analyze not only numerical data but also the distribution and statistics of words used in logs using mathematical models. AI groups similar expressions, highlights rare words, and marks logs that deviate from the norm in their structure. Such functions help shorten the attack recognition time.


Impact of NIS2 and DORA regulations on SIEM usage

How do new regulations such as NIS2/DORA affect the use of SIEM systems by companies?

Emerging regulations, such as DORA and NIS 2, are expected to improve digital security quality across the entire ecosystem shortly. For a long time, SIEM systems were used only by large and digitally mature organizations aware that centralizing security data is a necessity. In the new reality, SIEM systems will be a key tool for organizations adapting to regulatory requirements. A platform like Energy Logserver, by integrating it with monitoring and security systems, allows the central collection of large amounts of data from various sources, enabling the extraction of key security and performance information from the environment. In our view, a properly configured next-generation SIEM will be the key to the success of conscious and effective security management in an organization.


Development plans for Energy Logserver

What are the development plans for Energy Logserver in the coming years?

Our development path is a closely guarded secret. Energy Logserver has enormous potential. Security data analysis is a huge challenge, and that's just one of the topics the logs tell us about. Supporting business is certainly one of the development directions for Energy Logserver. Simultaneously, we want to popularize AI issues among our user community by creating an AI models community. Perhaps an AI Online Store-style model marketplace will emerge. I can also reveal that the EnergyDev team is working on new software for monitoring telecommunication infrastructure. Logserver and Monitoring will be offered as a mandatory set of tools for implementing IT infrastructure security and control functions.


Energy Logserver vs. competition

What are the main differences between Energy Logserver SIEM/SOAR and other similar systems available on the market?

When creating Energy solutions, we focus on offering solutions tailored to the real needs of our clients and partners. Our solutions fit the new trend of security systems that provide greater freedom in selecting analyzed data. We emphasize application flexibility, architecture customization, and performance to meet project needs. This also applies to licensing, which offers great freedom in expanding the monitored environment because we do not limit the number of data sources or the amount of EPS or GB of data we collect in the system daily. As a Polish organization, we perfectly understand the needs and budgetary constraints of our clients, adjusting to market expectations by implementing effective purchase programs for our solutions. To reduce long-term log storage costs, we added an efficient archive module to the system, which strongly compresses the data needed for compliance purposes. We effectively use advanced mathematics (AI) for automatic anomaly analysis and rare event detection in the monitored environment, taking security to another level. Behind all this are our well-trained people who know the market specifics and our clients' needs during implementations.


Typical use cases for Energy Logserver

What are the typical use cases for the Energy Logserver platform?

The Energy Logserver platform is a versatile tool for information security management that offers many applications. It enables monitoring and analyzing security incidents by aggregating and correlating data from various sources, which is crucial for quick threat response. It also helps maintain compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, or ISO 27001, providing tools for generating necessary audits and reports. Energy Logserver is also used to monitor the performance of applications and IT infrastructure, identify problems, and optimize systems. It manages the network and infrastructure, offering tools for analyzing network traffic and device activity. It enables long-term data storage in a compressed and secure form. With the SOAR module, the platform automates incident responses, reducing reaction time. Additionally, advanced AI and machine learning technologies help detect complex threats, and the central log repository facilitates data management and audit purposes.


Energy Logserver's recommendations for companies

What are Energy Logserver's recommendations for companies looking to implement SIEM/SOAR systems?

Companies planning to implement SIEM/SOAR systems like Energy Logserver should follow several key recommendations to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their implementation:

  • Thorough pre-implementation analysis: Analyze your current IT environment and define key security requirements and goals.
  • Implementation planning and strategy: Develop a detailed implementation plan that includes technical and operational aspects of the system.
  • Integration with existing systems: Thoughtful integration with other security tools and IT systems.
  • Training and skill development: Train technical staff and end-users.
  • Automation and orchestration: Utilize automation and orchestration features in the SOAR system.
  • Monitoring and continuous optimization: Regularly monitor the system's performance and efficiency.
  • Regular updates and maintenance: Ensure regular updates and maintenance for the system.

By following these recommendations, companies can effectively implement and utilize SIEM/SOAR systems like Energy Logserver, enhancing their digital security management capabilities and protection against cyber threats.


In summary, the interview with the Energy Logserver representative provided valuable insights into the challenges, technologies, and future of SIEM and SOAR systems. Energy Logserver not only meets current security needs but also prepares for future challenges and regulations.


Collaborating with a company that emphasizes customer support, flexibility, and innovation can be crucial for any organization aiming to increase its level of digital security. With Energy Logserver, companies can better manage their data and respond to threats while building a more secure and efficient IT environment.


For more information, please contact Kamil Muszyński, who is responsible for Energy Logserver sollutions in Bakotech.

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