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B.NET Partners Network

Unique partnership program offered by Bakotech.The main objective is to support Partners in the area of marketing, sales and proffesional competence imrovement.

The program can be joined by any Partner who has an active commercial agreement with Bakotech.


The program is based on point collection and the number of points determines the partnership status, according to the following criteria:

1 point - each 250 €/300 USD net spent making purchase from the Distributor;

1 point - each commercial project including sale of new products or support renewal;

4 points - concluded partnership agreement between the Partner and the Distributor.


Points are collected automatically per each purchase from the Distributor and as a result of the partnership contract conclusion.


The Partner acquires one of the following statuses based on the number of collected points:



B-LOYAL lets you get a back rebate which may be used for future orders placed with Bakotech.



  • Covers all products from the Distributor’s portfolio specified at cee.bakotech.com.
  • Is calculated for commercial projects with a sale value of up to 50 000 €/60 000 USD.
  • Rebates are calculated on quarterly basis.
  • The B-LOYAL back rebate will be applied from the minimum amount of 25 €/30 USD.


  • The rebate comes in a form of an information note (non-accounting document), reducing the liabilities of Partner towards Bakotech. The note is delivered up to the 10th day after the end of the q uarter, for which the rebate is due.
  • The rebate can be used up to the 90th day after the end of a settlement quarter for which it has been granted.
  • To use the rebate please add in the transfer title field the number of the information note while making bank transfer for your invoice to the Distributor.
  • After using B-LOYAL rebate specified in the information note, the Partner will receive an accounting document (accounting note)confirming that the rebate has been used.


 B-MARK marketing fund lets a Partner receive resources to finance marketing campaigns focused on sales development of Bakotech portfolio solutions.



  • Up to the 10th day after the end of the quarter for which the funds have been calculated, Bakotech sends an information note to the Partner, informing of the amount of B-MARK discount.
  • The Partner can submit a proposal of an activity to the Distributor by the end of a quarter in which the information note has been received.
  • The proposal must be submitted no later than 5 working days before the planned activity date and it should contain:

• Activity start and close date of the commencement and termination of the activity
• Title and description of the activity
• Place or form
• Planned number of participants or potential customers
• Planned total cost of the activity and requested amount.

  • In case of failure to submit the activity proposal by the deadline specified above, the funds will be removed from Partner B-MARK account and it will not be possible to use them later.
  • Start date of the activity using funds from B-MARK may not exceed 60 days from the date of its submission and its duration may not exceed 30 days.
  • An invoice and the activity report must be sent within 30 days of the end of the activity.
  • The Distributor will pay out the funds to the Partner within 7 days of the date of activity settlement and receiving a proper VAT invoice.


  • The B-MARK fund will be implemented from a minimum amount of 25 €/30 USD.
  • The B-MARK program applies only to new sales. Does not apply to renewals.
  • B-MARK is awarded to projects with a value not higher than 90 000 EUR or 105 000 USD.

ADIT Training Centre. Additional services for distributed solutions allowing Partners to increase their margin and retain their own technical resources for other purposes.


Partners have possibilities to use their ADIT services discount in the following scope:

In order to obtain a service discount, you can contact your account manager or get an offer at www.adit.pl


It is extended PAID technical support for solutions constituting distribution offer of BAKOTECH Group.



  • Transfer of responsibility for technical support services to an external partner (ADIT)
  • No need to hire additional employees
  • Minimizing the number of service requests


  • E-mail or phone ticket submission of a dedicated engineer (8x5)
  • 24x7 on-line ticket submission
  • Advanced hardware replacement options
  • Identification of equipment/solution malfunction support
  • Consultancy and troubleshooting
  • Assistance in registering a service request directly with a manufacturer


It is a service extending standard, FREE of CHARGE technical support offered by manufacturers of hardware and software.


The partner is entitled to free of charge bakotech technical support in the following scope:


TEAM BUILDING EVENTS. Annual events for PREMIUM Partners.

  • Onsite event, free of charge for participants.
  • The Partner will receive an invitation to the event at least 30 days prior to the planned event.

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