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Infrastructure Protection & Data Security Solutions

Fortra is a leader in infrastructure protection and data security software, providing organisations with comprehensive, automated security solutions. Fortra's solution suites help create a more secure and automated organisation, providing the tools and flexibility needed to keep operations running smoothly in an ever-changing threat environment, with security at the forefront.



With Fortra, you can lock down privileges, secure valuable data, and minimize threats, all while remaining productive. Fortra's solutions focus on two key areas to streamline every step of building security within an organization.

Data security solutions allow you to understand sensitive data and ensure its security throughout its lifecycle, regardless of where it resides (on-premises or in the cloud) and how it is accessed, while infrastructure protection solutions enable you to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems and determine how best to respond to them.




Vulnerability management is an ongoing process. In addition to regular updates, as an organization evolves, new users, applications, and other changes can create new vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit. With new vulnerabilities frequently being discovered, following the following steps can be the difference between staying protected and suffering a devastating breach. Vulnerability management solutions help locate, analyze, prioritize, and track security weaknesses to maximize IT resources, effectively mitigate risks, and avoid costly breaches. 


  • Digital Defense Frontline VM™
  • Beyond Security beSECURE 
  • Tripwire® IP360™

Application security testing scans customer-facing web applications, network applications, and product applications for security weaknesses and helps prioritize remediation efforts.


  • Frontline Web Application Scanning™ (WAS) 
  • Beyond Security beSTORM Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) 
  • Beyond Security beSOURCE Static Application Security Testing (SAST) 

Threat scanning and monitoring detects security misconfigurations and active endpoint threats, like malware, trojans, and viruses, within a network, for timely protection and faster remediation.


  • Frontline Active Threat Sweep™
  • Core Security Event Manager 
  • Core Security Network Insight 
  • Powertech Antivirus 
  • Tripwire Enterprise


Offensive Security solutions from Fortra pinpoint the risks that present the greatest threat to your infrastructure. These solutions work both independently and in tandem. Services can be complemented by tools to maintain constant visibility on potential new attack vectors and tools can be bundled together to create a multi-layered portfolio that advances security maturity and provides full coverage.  Use vulnerability management solutions to identify, evaluate, prioritize, track, and report on security weaknesses that may be putting your organization at risk.


  • Frontline VM
  • Frontline WAS
  • Frontline ATS
  • beSECURE
  • beSTORM
  • beSOURCE

Run advanced pen tests with a centralized solution that offers guided automation, certified exploits, and multi-vector testing capabilities.


  • Core Impact

Run Red Team engagements and adversary simulations with a threat emulation tool that mimics the tactics and techniques of a long-term embedded actor using a post-exploitation agent and covert channels.


  • Cobalt Strike

Expert services with a consultative approach, with offerings such as penetration testing, Red Teaming, software security assessments, social engineering assessments, physical security testing, and employee training.


  • Core Security SCS
  • Digital Defense Professional Services


Email Security & Anti-Phishing,  Keep emails, brands, and data safe from sophisticated phishing attacks, insider threats, and accidental data loss with minimal business disruption Learn how solutions from Fortra for Email Security and Anti-Phishing can protect your business better. A robust DMARC authentication & monitoring solution stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect customers from cyberattacks. In doing so, it can help preserve brand identity and improve digital engagement, even post-deployment.


  • Agari Brand Protection
  • PhishLabs DRP for Domains

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams deceive people into believing they're interacting with a trusted sender. The right solution must detect and prevent these BEC tactics by learning sender-receiver behavior to identify suspicious emails by continuously scanning for indicators of compromise.


  • Agari Phishing Defense 
  • Agari Phishing Response 
  • Agari Active Defense 
  • PhishLabs Suspicious Email Analysis 

A Secure Email Gateway is an email security solution that monitors emails coming into and out of an organization before they reach an email inbox to protect from malicious content including spam, viruses, phishing, and malware.


  • Clearswift Secure Email Gateway


Data Protection,  Organizations rely on sensitive data to serve their customers, fuel innovation and grow. Security leaders need a way to find and understand that data, then protect it from loss or theft while within their extended enterprise, and securely share it outside of their extended enterprise. Fortra's leading data protection offering combines data classification, with data loss prevention, and digital rights management, to deliver data protection throughout the entire data lifecycle. Digital Guardian, Titus, and Boldon James data classification solutions apply visual and metadata labels to ensure data is protected and controlled wherever it travels. From user-driven, to fully automated, our solutions are fully flexible and customizable to meet your data protection requirements.


  • Titus
  • Boldon James
  • Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian’s Data Protection Platform, powered by AWS, performs on traditional endpoints, across the corporate network, and cloud applications, making it easier to see and block threats to sensitive information.


  • Digital Guardian

Vera makes it easy to securely share files externally with third parties, providing you control over file access and protection outside of your organization.


  • Vera


Digital Risk Protection,  through established Centers of Excellence, Fortra provides a critical mass of threat-specific technology and operations. Our Centers of Excellence drive collection efforts to source intelligence that delivers better visibility into threats early in the attack process. Collected intelligence is curated by specialists using threat-specific processes and context. Mitigation is enhanced with handling procedures and workflows purposefully designed to mitigate specific threat types as quickly and thoroughly as possible. As a result, clients get unparalleled threat detection and mitigation. Detect and mitigate digital brand abuse by continuously monitoring the web, social media, mobile app stores, and email to identify threats and remove damaging content. Ongoing domain monitoring detects resurfaced content for protection against all types of relevant brand abuse.


  • PhishLabs DRP for Domains​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Open Web​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Mobile​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Social Media
  • Agari Brand Protection (Email)

Quickly identify phishing campaigns before they lead to account takeover fraud. Our extensive network of relationships provides access to automated killswitches and preferred escalation integrations for unrivaled threat takedown at the enterprise scale.


  • PhishLabs DRP for Domains​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Credential Theft​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Crimeware

Monitor the world’s most highly trafficked social platforms, repositories, forums, blogs, paste sites, and gripe sites. Once threats are identified, social media experts immediately take action through strong business relationships and procedural knowledge to mitigate risks.


  • PhishLabs DRP for Social Media​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Executives

Monitor and detect sensitive data leaks by gathering customer-relevant data through automated and expert collection methods, delivering visibility across the open web, dark web, and social media for personalized data leak protection.


  • PhishLabs DRP for Dark Web​
  • PhishLabs DRP for Source Code


Secure File Transfer with Fortra's Managed File Transfer, Secure Email and Collaboration, and File Transfer Acceleration solutions, data transfers can be securely managed end-to-end, no matter where the data resides or where it is deployed. Plus, our comprehensive, enterprise-level solutions provide support for multiple file transfer protocols, audit reporting to help meet compliance requirements, and automation capabilities, so you’ll save time and reduce risks of human error. Simplify, secure, and automate file transfers enterprise-wide through a centralized, user-friendly interface designed to help employees, partners, and customers safely move data of any type or size easily and without the need for special programming skills.


  • GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer
  • GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS)
  • GoAnywhere Gateway
  • Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer
  • Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer Arcus (MFTaS)
  • Globalscape Secure ICAP Gateway
  • CuteFTP

Emailing and collaborating is how business gets done and organizations can do so more confidently enterprise-wide with secure mail and collaboration tools for file syncing and sharing from Fortra.


  • GoAnywhere Secure Mail
  • GoAnywhere GoDrive

When the speed of file transfers matters as much as the security of the data in motion, a file transfer acceleration solution satisfies both needs seamlessly.


  • GoFast, powered by FileCatalyst


Boldon James CAD Classifier
New design files need to be protected so that data doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or the right ones too soon. CAD Classifier brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents across a variety of CAD applications, including AutoCAD and Draftsight, applying visual and metadata labels to guard against inappropriate dissemination.
Cobalt Strike
Emulation software for simulating threats and Red Team operations
Core Impact
Penetration testing software to safely discover and exploit security weaknesses
GoAnywhere Gateway
Reverse and Forward Proxy Software. Implement an extra layer of cybersecurity when exchanging files with trading partners.
GoAnywhere MFT
Secure and automate critical file transfers
BeStorm is an automated software testing solution
Static analysis of code (SAST) - analysis of source code structure and compiled code without running it.
Vulnerability Assessment and Management solutions that deliver solid security improvements based on testing accuracy, flexibility and low maintenance.
Boldon James SharePoint Classifier
Classify data stored within Microsoft SharePoint using the familiar and intuitive interface provided by all Classifier components – regardless of whether your documents are held on-premise or in Office 365 Cloud, using SharePoint Online.
Boldon James OWA Classifier
Classify Emails Within Microsoft Outlook Web App. OWA Classifier brings classification to the Microsoft Outlook Web App, providing a consistent, intuitive experience to users wherever they reside, either internally or externally. Grant users the ability to access emails wherever they are, confident that all versions of MS Outlook are guarded against accidental or malicious data loss via email.
Boldon James Office 365 Classifier
Classifier has comprehensive coverage across the Microsoft Office suite and Office 365, ensuring however users access it, on premise or in the cloud, users enjoy the same intuitive, familiar interface and classification experience.
Boldon James MAC Classifier
Boldon James Mac Classifier brings the benefits of user-centric data classification to organisations using Mac devices, supporting each user in correctly classifying documents and emails as they are worked on within the Microsoft Office for Mac applications.
Boldon James Exchange Classifier
Operating within Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Classifier enhances endpoint classification solutions by applying policy to every message sent and received within your organisation, internal or external, inbound or outbound - closing the gaps left by boundary-only or outbound-only solutions.
Boldon James Classifier Platform
The Classifier Platform contains everything your users need to start classifying in their standard office applications, whether using Windows or MacOS. The Classifier Platform offers a consistent, intuitive user interface that brings classification into daily routine for your users in as little as a single click.
Vera Encrypter
Vera is the leader in data security that enables companies of all sizes to secure, track and share all types of data through encryption, no matter where it is stored or located. With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption, and tight access control, Vera enables employees to collaborate freely while providing high levels of security, visibility, and control.
Boldon James Box Classifier (Cloud)
Boldon James Box Classifier extends document classification into Box Cloud-based storage and sharing, ensuring organizations of all sizes have a unified and seamless solution for classification-based data protection and control regardless of its location.
ClearSwift Secure Web Gateway
Clearswift Secure Gateway solutions provide critical information protection for sensitive data shared over the network with online collaboration and social media tools.
ClearSwift Secure E-Mail Gateway
Working alone or alongside cloud-based email applications such as Office 365 and G Suite, Secure Email Gateway provides a vital layer of security that maximizes cybersecurity.
ClearSwift Endpoint DLP
Finding dangerous agents and detecting all collected information is a critical component in preventing data loss. Clearswift Critical Information Protection Agent CIP Agent)provides protection against data loss both online and offline.
ClearSwift ARgon E-mail Protection
ClearSwift ARgon for Email uses standard SMTP technology to ensure compatibility with any email gateway solution, located on premises or in the cloud. It supports Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, SMTP and POP servers.
Digital Guardian Network Data Loss Prevention
Network Data Loss Prevention
Digital Guardian Endpoint Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Data Loss Prevention
Digital Guardian Data Discovery
Digital Guardian for Data Discovery provides visibility and control over potentially unsecured data. It uses detailed discovery control policies to ensure sensitive content is detected where it is.
Titus Outlook Classifier
Titus Outlook Classification is a security and management solution that ensures that all Microsoft Outlook messages are classified before they are sent.
Titus Office Classifier
Titus Classification for Microsoft Office is a security and management solution that provides classification of all Microsoft Office documents before saving, printing or emailing them.
Titus Illuminate
Titus Intelligent Protection, using machine learning, protects your sensitive information, enabling people and technology to work smarter, not harder.
Titus G Suite Classifier
Titus Data Classification for G Suite is a security solution that allows users to easily and confidently identify, classify, secure, and share sensitive workflow information.
Titus Desktop Classifier
The first step in protecting sensitive files from data leakage.

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