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GFI Software

GFI Software: GenAI CoPilot – A new era of intelligent IT solutions


GFI Software, a company providing IT tools for small and medium-sized enterprises, has announced a groundbreaking initiative, significantly enhancing its comprehensive product portfolio. The company is introducing the innovative GenAI "CoPilot" component to all its products, thus strengthening its position as a leader in AI-based solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.


Operating in the market for over thirty years, GFI Software focuses on network management and IT security. A key element of its solutions, in addition to years of experience, is continuous innovation. The latest groundbreaking initiative, the GenAI "CoPilot" component, gives customers a clear competitive advantage.


Building on the success of Jive CoPilot™, recently launched by its sister company IgniteTech, GFI Software has decided to integrate the GenAI "CoPilot" component into all its products. The goal of this strategic decision is to enhance functionality, efficiency, and overall user experience across all GFI Software products. Jive CoPilot already provides deep data summaries, question-answering capabilities, and advanced search functionalities using GenAI. The introduction of this forward-thinking component aims to unlock the productivity potential of customers, resulting in tangible revenues. For company departments, achieving optimal performance will no longer be an issue, as the component offers active support comparable to having a fast-acting, always-available internal resource. There is no doubt that GFI CoPilot solutions hold immense potential.


The new CoPilot harnesses the immense power of GenAI, allowing users to expect significantly improved functionality. Whether using Kerio Connect, GFI Archiver, or other products, users can count on a modern, innovative experience. Some of Jive's largest global customers are actively exploring and utilizing these modern solutions, confirming their practical application in other organizations.


How have GFI Software's solutions expanded?

GFI KerioControl CoPilot is an intelligent module that allows data administrators to generate detailed analyses and reports: studying behavior patterns, configurations, and performance optimization, as well as providing statistics and reports, enabling data administrators to work efficiently—with the current configuration—to increase security and improve record functioning.


GFI KerioConnect CoPilot is another new feature that enhances the user experience in GFI KerioConnect, acting as an intelligent assistant. Automatic summaries, instant translation, daily inbox reviews—these are just a few features that support efficient communication and increased productivity.


The goal of implementing the forward-looking GenAI CoPilot strategy is to unlock the productivity potential in our clients' companies, resulting in tangible revenues. For company departments, achieving optimal performance will no longer be an issue. In the future, they will be able to push the boundaries of their capabilities more easily.


With expanded software solutions, client companies can become significantly more efficient by utilizing generative artificial intelligence (GenAI)—available to both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and operational service providers through GFI Software.


Smarter and more responsive software will be essential Eric Vaughan, CEO of GFI Software and IgniteTech, emphasized the importance of the initiative, stating that he is committed to cutting-edge GenAI technology and is enthusiastic about transforming the entire product offering. "Our GenAI-first strategy supports our vision of the future of software—it will be smarter, more responsive, and much more efficient," he said.

Considering the dynamic technological development, GFI Software actively seeks to anticipate trends and provide its clients with access to the most advanced tools. The comprehensive integration of the CoPilot GenAI development across the entire product offering strengthens GFI Software's reputation as a pioneer of a new generation of software solutions.


It is worth noting that GFI Software, in addition to keeping up with the times, is ahead of trends, offering modern and intelligent IT solutions. The innovative approach to integrating GenAI products strengthens the company's position as a leader among IT solution providers for small and medium-sized enterprises. A new era of intelligent IT solutions has arrived, and GFI Software is at the forefront of this movement!


If you want to learn more about CoPilot technology and how AI can be utilized in GFI Software solutions, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all questions and provide the necessary information.


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