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Modernizing cybersecurity infrastructure in hospitals and medical facilities: the key importance of firewalls


In today's technology landscape, where data is becoming more valuable and vulnerable to attacks, modernizing the cybersecurity infrastructure in healthcare facilities is no longer just an option - it is a necessity. Especially in hospitals and other medical facilities, where the processing and storage of patient data are crucial for everyday functioning, protecting this information must be a priority. One of the fundamental elements of this protection are firewalls, which are the first line of defense against cyber threats.



Cyber threats in the medical sector

The medical sector, due to its specificity, is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hospitals and other medical facilities often use old IT systems that are not regularly updated, making them easy targets for cybercriminals. Ransomware, phishing, attacks on network infrastructure - these are just some of the threats that can paralyze the operation of a medical facility.


Hillstone solutions that help you achieve new levels of cybersecurity

Hillstone's Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Breach Detection Systems (BDS) and Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (NIPS) effectively protect patient data and healthcare infrastructure, ensuring robust and reliable security in critical healthcare areas.


Comprehensive protection from the edge to the heart of the system

NGFW A series firewalls are distinguished by high security effectiveness, the ability to detect and prevent threats, as well as intelligent management of security policies. The modern hardware platform of these devices guarantees application-level performance, responding to the challenges of the modern world of cyber threats. Intelligent security policy features cover the entire process, from deployment to management and optimization, making security operations easier.


A-Series NGFWs are also future-proof, allowing for adaptation to evolving needs. Expandable local data storage and an easy-to-use user interface enable integration with other solutions, providing additional security features when needed.


These devices are installed in a highly available configuration, which ensures uninterrupted operation even in the event of a failure. The A-Series also offers SSL VPN, enabling secure connections for remote workers, medical offices, clinics and other facilities.


Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (NIPS)

The Hillstone NIPS system is an advanced tool for detecting and preventing network intrusions. It works in real time, analyzing and blocking complex threats. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, NIPS provides multi-layered cybersecurity. Combined with A-Series NGFW firewalls, it creates a solid barrier against potential attacks.


Breach detection systems (BDS)

Hillstone BDS adds an additional layer of security by penetrating deep into the hospital network. Effectively identifies and neutralizes complex threats such as ransomware and botnets. Using machine learning techniques, advanced analytics and rule-based identification, BDS continuously monitors and responds to any suspicious or anomalous activity on the network.



BDS and NIPS solutions work together with NGFW on a single platform to create an intelligent system that automatically adapts policies and protective measures to respond quickly and effectively to threats. Additionally, data collected from these three sources allows the DCRO IT team to manually monitor and intervene when threats are detected.

The solutions work together to quickly respond to potential threats while increasing visibility and control over security. This allows employees to easily visualize and analyze their current security posture. Patient data and other sensitive information are safe and compliant with GDPR requirements. The system also enables monitoring and management of customer network security, which translates into cost reduction and increased efficiency.


Using the system in practice

One of the leading medical centers in Poland has built its modern infrastructure thanks to Hillstone solutions - you can read the entire case study on the solution selection process and the effects of its implementation here.


If you want to learn more or have any questions, please contact Damian Malinowski, who is responsible for this solution at Bakotech.


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