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Securing your business in the age of NIS2: a checklist


The Network and Information Systems Directive 2 (NIS2) accentuates the importance of cybersecurity for essential and digital service providers within the EU. To meet the security standards, understanding and conforming to its guidelines is fundamental. This checklist guides you through this updated regulatory terrain and showcases how tools like GFI LanGuard can be instrumental in this journey.


Member States must transpose the NIS2 Directive into applicable, national law by October 17, 2024, and apply those measures from October 18, 2024, onward. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to ensure your business is prepared:



Understand the Scope of NIS2

Start by familiarizing yourself with the specific obligations and requirements of NIS2. Determine if your business falls under the categories of essential or digital service providers defined by the directive.


Establish a Robust Risk Management Framework

Every business must identify potential risks and vulnerabilities specific to its industry and organization. Once these are laid out, develop a strategy to mitigate these identified risks.


Implement Necessary Security Measures

Ensure that both the physical and virtual aspects of all your network and information systems are secure. Utilize  GFI LanGuard for vulnerability assessment and patch management, ensuring your systems are up-to-date and compliant. Additionally, deliver staff training on security protocols, including the proper use and benefits of tools like  GFI LanGuard.


Focus on Incident Reporting

Having a mechanism in place is crucial to detect, report, and analyze any incidents. This also includes having a protocol ready for the prompt notification of security breaches to the relevant authorities.


Foster Cross-Border Collaboration

As with any new regulation, engaging with cybersecurity communities and forums can provide insights and support. Collaborating with counterparts in other EU countries can also offer a platform for knowledge sharing and best practices.


Stay Updated on Emerging Threats

Use GFI LanGuard to get timely updates on vulnerabilities and patch your systems effectively. Regularly monitoring cybersecurity news and subscribing to threat intelligence feeds will also keep you in the loop.


Review and Test Your Systems Regularly

Periodic security audits are vital. Using tools like  GFI LanGuard will provide comprehensive vulnerability checks. It's also beneficial to test your security measures via penetration testing and simulated cyber-attacks to ensure they hold up against potential threats.


Ensure Data Protection and Privacy

Your data protection measures should be aligned with regulations like the GDPR. Regularly reviewing and updating data protection policies will ensure that they remain relevant and effective.


Engage with External Experts

Consulting with cybersecurity professionals regarding NIS2 compliance can provide valuable insights. Attending workshops and training sessions will further deepen your understanding and preparedness.


Adhering to NIS2 is about ensuring the safety and security of business operations and stakeholders. This checklist, combined with tools like GFI LanGuard, serves as a roadmap for regulatory compliance and resilience against evolving cyber threats.


If you would like to find out more about the solution or have any questions, please contact Damianem Malinowskim, who is responsible for the solution at Bakotech.



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