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ClearSwift Secure Web Gateway

Clearswift Secure Gateway solutions provide critical information protection for sensitive data shared over the web with online collaboration tools and social media.    



    The Internet is now viewed as an extension of an enterprise's own infrastructure. With the increasing use of cloud-based services such as Salesforce and Office365, as well as employee use of the Internet during work time, organizations must ensure that the content and information that exists and is viewed online is both appropriate and permitted.

    Clearswift Secure Web Gateway (SWG) offers a proactive, policy-controlled web gateway solution, transforming the Internet from a high-risk environment to a secure resource tailored exactly to your organization's needs.


    Data leakage protection

    Using Secure Web Gateway's lexical analysis capabilities, it can detect and prevent accidental data leaks. Even information hidden in metadata can be removed from documents during upload. Images can also be scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to prevent leakage of sensitive information, either by looking for key watermarks in uploaded files in documents that indicate sensitive data, or by understanding the content so that leaks can be identified, stopped and appropriate action taken.

    Depending on the content, the use of Adaptive Redaction allows sensitive data to be monitored and, if required, automatically redacted, allowing communication to continue but with the policy violating information removed. This process can be applied to both document properties and change history that potentially contains sensitive data.


    Deep content inspection

    Intelligent deep content inspection enables risk-free social media communication - Clearswift's advanced deep content inspection engine can tell the difference between an innocent "Tweet", for example, and a potentially harmful one.
    Contextual scanning can detect and prevent users from sending proprietary information and images. The combination of "content" and "context" policies greatly reduces the likelihood of false positives, they use fewer resources to manage an effective data loss prevention strategy.

    If you are concerned about data leakage through Facebook, webmail or similar sites - you can still allow access, but control the flow of outgoing data through inspection and redaction policies. YouTube may contain inappropriate content - you can allow access, but only to authorized videos.

    A thorough and detailed SWG policy helps reduce data loss, legal and reputational risk, and maintain compliance.



    Predefined regular expressions for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PCI (Payment Card Industry)

    •     National insurance and identification number
    •     Credit card numbers
    •     Social Insurance Number
    •     International bank account number (IBAN)

    Contextual policy rules for social media e.g.: Facebook and other Web 2.0 sites

    •     Protection against incoming threats
    •     Leakage of outgoing data
    •     Specific rules for e.g. Facebook

    Text in web content can be searched using context and direction and policies applied:

    •     URL: Prevent or allow inappropriate searches, but inform IT
    •     Documents: Prevent sensitive data from being sent to Web 2.0 sites or via email.
    •     Websites: block sites that contain vulgarities, that may offend, etc.
    •     HTTP headers: Blocking old, unpatched browser versions

    Key Features and Benefits:

    •     Prevention of data loss over the Internet (e.g. webmail, cloud shared environments, etc.).
    •     DLP control
    •     Adaptive redaction
    •     Checks HTML, Web 2.0 and HTTPS traffic
    •     Integrated cache, URL scrubbing, anti-virus/malware/spyware
    •     Remote management client

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