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Scalable high-performance application delivery Virtual LoadMaster Load Balancer offer the scalability, feature depth and security required to enable resilient delivery of a wide range of application workloads for organizations of all sizes and capabilities. LoadMaster simplifies application delivery with easy management via web UI, API and Kemp 360 Central with a compelling TCO and outstanding customer support. 




LoadMaster can enhance application availability and resilience with the option for Highly Available (HA) paring of appliances and geographic server load balancing (GSLB) removing single points of failure in the data center and across data centers. Application server health checks enable redirection of traffic to healthy servers and the optional Kemp 360 Vision service provides 24x7 proactive support to ensure continuous application availability.


As application delivery demands grow, LoadMaster can scale by clustering multiple appliances together into a single load balancer entity. As well as scaling to meet increasing capacity requirements, clustering also provides resilience as the failure of a cluster member is gracefully handled with remaining members continuing to provide service.


As the access point for applications, LoadMaster provides authentication and attack mitigation services to prevent malicious and unauthorized access to application resources. The Edge Security Pack (ESP) enables pre-authentication of clients (LDAP, OIDC, Active Directory, RADIUS and SAML) while the Web Application Firewall (WAF) offers continuous application-level protection through OWASP CRS with updated reputation data daily.


Low Cost of Ownership
LoadMaster delivers performance and functionality at a compelling price point when measured against the key metrics of SSL transactions per second, application throughput and active connections. Coupled with the low operational overheads delivered by features such as application templates and our world class customer support services, organizations can achieve significant TCO reductions on application delivery.


Easily Managed
LoadMaster appliances can be managed via the intuitive web UI, via API (PowerShell/RESTful) or via Kemp 360 Central. Application templates simplify deployment and optimization, while the API provides an easy way to automate configuration and management tasks whether through DevOps toolsets or operational frameworks.


Fully Featured
LoadMaster includes a comprehensive set of features to enable deployment of application delivery and interfaces and API to integrate with existing authentication, logging, management, and provisioning systems.






Network Telemetry
• Export network flow data to Flowmon Collector in the industry standard IPFIX protocol format.
• Leverage the power of Flowmon Collector to store and analyze flow data, gaining visibility into the entire application value delivery chain to identify bottlenecks, misconfigurations, and potential security issues.
• Combine LoadMaster-exported data with IPFIX data from other network nodes on Collector to gain a complete picture of your infrastructure.
• View LoadMaster data on Flowmon Collector in dashboards and widgets specific to LoadMaster and the Virtual Services defined on it.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)
• Real-time application threat mitigation
• Updated reputation data daily
• Threats mitigated

  • Cookie tampering
  •  Cross site request forgery
  • Cross site scripting
  • Data loss prevention
  •  SQL injection
  •  PCI-DSS Section 6.6 compliance

Edge Security Pack
• Microsoft TMG replacement
• Pre-authentication
• Multi-domain authentication & SSO
• X.509 client certificate authentication
• Custom login forms
• Two-factor authentication
• OIDC, SAML, Active Directory, RADIUS & LDAP
• Forms to Forms based authentication


Intrusion Prevention
• Snort compatible IPS
• Allow/Deny IP by address



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We are providing our partners with a wide range of services such as PR, co-marketing activities, pre post-sales support, trainings for partners and end-customers, PoC, PoV, solution consulting, implementation support and technical support.

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