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MailStore Software

"Where did the email go?" - or how to effectively take care of the company's inbox memory


Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the functioning of any enterprise without e-mail. Emails are used not only for communication, but also for sending sensitive data, such as contracts and invoices. The question that needs to be answered, therefore, is whether our business-critical systems and data remain accessible even in emergency situations, and whether our mail is surely adequately protected against accidental deletion of data caused by a malicious attachment or employee inattention?


The vast majority of companies today have email servers or groupware solutions for email communication. However, these systems are not designed to store and share large amounts of data, which can cause numerous technical, legal and financial problems. In Poland, the processing of e-mails and the storage of this data for extended periods of time so that it can be accessed at all times is subject to various legal regulations. Often, industries sending and receiving large amounts of sensitive personal data via e-mail are subject to more stringent regulations.


In the event of litigation (e.g., when e-mails are used as evidence), a company's management or legal team must be able to effectively search and retrieve data from the entire e-mail pool at all times. Typically, only a professional email archiving solution can meet these requirements. The self-service aspect greatly relieves the burden on the IT department, but is not available in every archiving solution.


How does email archiving work?

Email archiving supplements its existing system (which, of course, can continue to be used as before). The administrator configures when and which emails are to be moved to the archive, and whether the emails, once archived, are to be deleted from mailboxes on the email server.

So how do you choose the right and, above all, effective archiving tool? Keep in mind that it should meet several criteria: ease of configuration; reliability, even with large numbers of emails; and integrated storage technologies - all at a low purchase cost.


Companies can take advantage of all the possibilities of modern and secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The program creates copies of all e-mail messages in a central e-mail archive to ensure that large amounts of data are secure and available over many years. Users can still access and browse emails (using, for example, Microsoft Outlook or a mobile device) using advanced full-text search.


Bottom line - every company needs an email archiving solution that meets all the needs of the organization - from management and IT to the end user. It's a good idea to draw up a list of requirements specifying all the legal, financial and technical criteria that need to be met, and based on that, decide on an email archiving solution.


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